Will it Stick?

Pushing Super Sticky Post-it® Notes to the limit

Through a series of ridiculous experiments we prove that no other sticky notes have the sticking power of Super Sticky Post-it® notes.

“3M are known for innovation, not only in regards to their products but also in the way they support creative innovation. As part of the campaign we achieved a world-first by being the first brand to launch a 360 camera into space, creating a highly mesmerising piece of content people could play with. It’s exciting to see the ‘Will it Stick?’ platform take Post-it® notes to new heights.”

Lisa Ramsey, Managing Director, Dig

“The ‘Will it Stick?’ creative platform with both the race car and space executions is a standout within 3M (parent company of Post-it) globally and to date has delivered some truly impressive results.”

Margot Williams, Marketing Manager, 3M Stationary

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