That calls for Cellarbrations

Helping people find the right drop for any occasion

Told through the charming story of Tom & Cass and their budding friendship with their local Cellarbrations store owner 'Paulie', Cellabrations becomes the place that knows just the drop to pair with any occasion.

 “The story of Tom and Cass is one many Australians will identify with – first home, new neighbourhood, new people. But the charm of the campaign comes through its appreciation of the little moments and interactions in life, and those we share them with. In Tom and Cass’ case it’s shared through their growing friendship with their local Cellabrations owner, Paul. And friendships are always best paired with the right drink for the occasion (onya Paulie!).”

Pete, Chief Creative Officer, Dig.

“We are super excited to bring this campaign to life for Cellarbrations. It is aligned with our overarching strategy of building the brand through a balance of short term tactical marketing together with long term brand building. I’m looking forward to seeing how this relationship unfolds over time.”

Josh Gaudry, GM marketing, Australian Liquor Marketers.

The campaign also features a re-record by Pete Murray of Kool & the Gang’s iconic track ‘Celebrate’.

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