Kréol - The Taste Worth Finding

Sip your way around the world

Kréol packaging design, designed and inspired by the world - positioning Kréol as a premium everyday drinks company

Kréol scours the world in search for special ingredients with unique health benefits and distinct flavour. Dig helped position the Kréol challenger brand, anchoring in their brand truth of discovery and turning it’s relative small size and distribution into it’s strength. The brand platform, Worth Finding, taps into human behaviour around scarcity, where we natural desire things that aren’t as accessible.

“Dig have given us amazing support with our brand positioning and direction, and the creative work has brought our brand to life.  All of this has given our business great clarity & direction. Such a positive step forward for our brand and our customers are loving the look and feel of our products!” says Kréol founder, Chloe Rush.


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