If you feel sensitive, feel QV

Changing how we think, and feel, about sensitive skin.

“Our new creative platform, ‘If you feel sensitive, feel QV’, digs into a powerful consumer tension around sensitive skin which is how sensitive skin makes a person feel. This was the catalyst in building strong emotional associations with the QV brand, interpreted through distinctive creative storytelling.”

Pete Cerny, Chief Creative Officer, Dig

“If you look at communication around sensitive skin up until now, it has focussed on how brands can help with the physical aspects of sensitive skin, such as dryness and irritation. As a market leader, we wanted to go one step further, and open an honest conversation about how our skin can have a physical and emotional impact on our lives.This insight has rung true whether we are speaking about body skincare, baby skincare, facial skincare or even caring for the skin of the elderly. The ‘If you feel sensitive, feel QV’ platform will help us be relevant to more people, and hopefully improve the skin and quality of life for many more Australians.”

Samantha Franklin, Senior Brand Manager, QV Skincare


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