Bold Matters

Changing the face of Revlon, and rural Australia

Digging into the cultural insight of equality, and the rise of the female voice, we established the Revlon Bold Matters Creative Platform - giving bold women a voice on matters that matter.

“Aligned partnerships present a significant opportunity to demonstrate a brand’s purpose. Revlon champions living boldly and bold women via sharing incredible stories of strength, tenacity and passion.

The charity Drought Angels is a great example of bold women making a difference in their communities. Integrating a donation component, via the Bold Matters campaign, is critical to demonstrate true support of a cause rather than an affiliation alone.

Brands have the opportunity to live with purpose to not only connect with their consumers but to demonstrate how business can be a force for good. We are thrilled to launch our local platform Bold Matters where bold women, a culturally relevant issue and philanthropy unite to create what we hope will be a campaign with impact.”

Amy Kingon Smith, Marketing Manager, Revlon

The campaign was the best performing campaign in Revlon ANZ history, which included sales growth of +30% in their top 2 customers.

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