Growing strong brands only comes from deeper understanding

A deeper understanding starts with knowing where not to dig

We focus only on what matters in driving growth for your brand, with our Direct Path to Growth planning model. It focuses on 3 key pillars - Brand Distinctiveness, Growth Audience Strategy, and Brand Meaning. When we get these 3 pillars right, creativity has the freedom to thrive. But to get them right, we dig deeper, connecting with your consumers through our DigSight™ platform.

We use DigSight™ to uncover insights, plug knowledge gaps and validate strategy

We understand marketers rarely have perfect information, so it's imperative that during the planning process we are able to go directly to your consumers to give us the deeper understanding we need.

DigSight™ is our nimble online insight platform which we use to connect with consumers to help inform all stages of planning.  That might be a simple ‘plug’ of a very discreet knowledge gap, like narrowing and prioritising proof points. It could be involving consumers to uncover a penetrating insight. Or we might choose to use it for validating strategic communication territories to understand their persuasion.

All of which means marketers can have absolute confidence the brand and communications is right, prior to moving in to creative.

Once the foundations are set, we unearth brilliant creativity

Creativity is the most powerful lever we can pull to drive communications effectiveness (M. Ritson, 2020 IPA Study). Dig is fortunate to have some of the best creative minds in the industry, unearthing creativity that changes the game for our clients.

People dig
working with us

Dig are everything you want from a modern agency. They are driven to make your brand effective, not just to have their campaign win awards. Ego is left at the door and when they say collaboration is important to them, this is not just a slide in their creds deck, it truly is the most collaborative agency I have worked with. We’re excited about our partnership and look forward to making campaigns that work”
Josh Gaudry, GM Marketing, ALM (Metcash Liquor arm)

Our services

Insights & Strategy

Dig uses our Direct Path to Growth planning model to develop brand and communications strategy, which we validate, plug knowledge gaps and uncover insights using our DigSight™ insights platform. Ultimately helping brands find their foundations for growth.


World-class thinking to help brands grow. Dig has cherry picked the best, multi-award winning creatives in the country where egos are left at the door, and the best idea always wins.

Digital & Social Media

We are experts in managing brands, developing content and buying media in the digital and social landscape. Much of the content we make in our own in-house photography and film studio.

Technology & Innovation

We help brands to develop world-class customer experiences through digital platform development and design, and technology innovation.

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