Growing Strong People


Investing in personal and professional development means you win, we win, and our clients win.

We don’t work, we thrive

Our Dig Thrive™ program helps our team grow their skills develop, explore ideas, get support and reach their potential. Nice.

We open the door

We give newcomers a leg-up into the advertising industry.

Dig proudly supports fresh creative talent as part of the AWARD Ad School program. The program runs for 12 weeks, twice a year, where Dig’s Senior Creative Teams coach and mentor aspiring creatives.

Dig sponsors the Western Sydney Ad School, providing scholarships to indigenous students who ordinarily would not be able to access this education. It’s a wonderful way to broaden the intake into our industry.

Our team contributes to the wider education system, lecturing & mentoring at Melbourne’s leading universities RMIT & Melbourne University. 

We give back

Digging in for our community matters.

We volunteer as an agency at least two days each year, helping in the FareShare kitchens and donating time and money to causes that matter.

We take part in speed mentoring through AdCouncil, and our teams regularly volunteer to tutor on creative thinking for AWARD School.

Our team donates directly to causes they choose twice each year, like the Ukraine war effort, the Black Dog Institute and Support the Girls.

We’re all welcome

Our voluntary, staff-run culture group ShinDigs fills our calendar with chances to learn, socialise and celebrate our proudly diverse culture.

We’ve also achieved pay equity by gender and ethnicity, and survey the team yearly on our progress representing age, disability, the LGBTQI+ community and more.

Join the dig

Interested in joining our team of creative and talented people? We want to hear about it. Get in touch, tell us who you are, and pick up a shovel.