Gotta love your local The Bottle-O

In quintessential Aussie fashion, we position your local The Bottle-O store owner as part of the fabric of your local community.

A musical production, the campaign follows the journey of our hero The Bottle-O owner, Jonno, on his walk to work. Performed to a re-record of Katrina and Waves ‘Walking on Sunshine’, the newly-written lyrics convey the story of our owner and his relationship with the community.

Says Pete Cerny, executive creative director, Channel T: “We’ve bottled that fun and welcoming experience you can only get from The Bottle-O into our lovable hero, and owner of The Bottle-O, Jonno. He’s that person from your local community you just can’t help but like – especially when he’s on his way to work rocking to a kick-ass version of “Walking on Sunshine”. We’re pumped to see these spots grab some eyeballs during the grand final weekend.”

Says Josh Gaudry, GM marketing, Australian Liquor Marketers: “’The Bottle-O’ is deeply entrenched in the colloquial language of us all. It’s uniquely Australian and has that endearing charm that we all connect to. Launching this campaign is one of great pride. It’s simple, fun and definitely showcases what we know to be the role of The Bottle-O in local communities across the country.”

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