The Other Hardware Store. Mitre 10.

Taking on the biggest, most loved brand in the country.

With over 350 stores in cities and towns around Australia, many family-owned and run for generations, Mitre 10 is the second largest hardware network in Australia. The team pride themselves on the quality of the products supplied and that little extra personalised service and expertise they give to their customers. However there‚Äôs a vast pool of DIYers that simply don’t consider Mitre 10 when they think of hardware. They shop on autopilot at the big player.

So we came up with a very simple idea, reminding Australians that they do in fact have an other choice when it comes to hardware.

Mitre 10. The Other Hardware Store.

The Other Hardware Store challenges the category by embracing Australians love of the underdog. The campaign cleverly plays-off the salience of the bigger brand, whilst not poking at it. We developed a distinctive and relatable tone which was a real opportunity for Mitre 10 to standout in a category that is often bland and impersonal.

The Other Hardware Store gives Mitre 10 the platform it needs to remind Australian’s that the grass isn’t greener on the other side… it’s blue.

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