The Other Hardware Store. Mitre 10.

The classic tale of David and Goliath in Aussie hardware.

In the Biblical story of David and Goliath, a small shepherd boy conquers a giant by slinging a rock at his exposed forehead. We tend to think of David’s victory as a miracle, proof that sometimes, if he’s lucky, the weak can beat the strong. But what if underdog victories have less to do with luck and more to do with the very circumstances we view as disadvantages? What we assume are disadvantages might actually be advantages, and vice versa.

How an independent hardware store took on the behemoth that is Bunnings.

If you feel like the underdog, it may be because you lack skills that most people consider necessary to win in your field. You likely think of your shortcomings as obvious disadvantages. But, contrary to common sense, what if you could use your inadequacies to your advantage? Take the following case study as an example.

Our research identified the growth audience would come from the DIY sector, next Gen Families who are embracing a DEY culture (Do Everything Yourself), but aren’t equipped with the right knowledge.

With superior advice and care as Mitre 10’s brand strength and springboard, we uncovered our uncommon insight that whilst people shop for hardware on autopilot at Bunnings, they are tired of having to go back and forth to get their DIY needs sorted. Bunnings aren’t perceived as being great when it comes to help and advice.

So we came up with a very simple idea, reminding Australians that they do in fact have another choice when it comes to hardware.

Mitre 10. The Other Hardware Store.

The Other Hardware Store challenges the category by embracing Australians’ love of the underdog. The campaign cleverly plays-off the salience of the bigger brand, whilst not poking at it. We developed a distinctive and relatable tone which was a real opportunity for Mitre 10 to standout in a category that is often bland and impersonal. The Other Hardware Store gives Mitre 10 the platform it needs to remind Australian’s that the grass isn’t greener on the other side… it’s blue.

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