Bendigo Bank

Bigger for you

Bendigo Bank was looking to build meaning into their tagline ‘The Better Big Bank’, positioning it as a compelling and genuine alternative to the big 4 banks.

A dig into the data helped us identify the rational category drivers that support Bendigo Bank as a big bank, together with the more emotive factors surrounding the customer care and human values that Bendigo Bank is known for.

The ‘Bigger for you’ campaign embeds Bendigo Bank as a bank that’s bigger than the big 4 on things that matter most to people, reinforcing the idea that Bendigo Bank is better from both an experience and impact perspective, creating a win-win for customers.

The campaign will be executed across TV, cinema, digital, social and throughout the Bank’s vast retail network.

Sarah Bateson, General Manager of Marketing at Bendigo Bank said “The continued focus on what really matters to customers is why we’re consistently voted Australia’s Most Trusted Bank, and this comes through in the campaign.”

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