Post it® Notes - A little space to think

To collaborate and free our thinking sometimes all we need is a little space to think.

Post-it® disrupted online spaces with a campaign called ‘A little space to think’.

The campaign sees Post-it® take over cluttered news sites and block out Facebook, Instagram and TikTok feeds with the colours of their Super Sticky Notes to prompt users to tap out of the endless scroll and take ‘A little space to think’ in their day.

Supported by a recent Omnipoll Australia survey commissioned by Post-it® Brand that found working and studying from home is having a detrimental effect on Australians’ energy and creativity levels. Six out of 10 Australians (60%) who have been working or studying online say they feel locked to the computer, which is affecting their overall wellbeing. This is impacting their motivation and energy levels as well as their ability to collaborate and think creatively.

The creative behind the campaign simply asks us to tap out of the online world, even just for a moment to look after our wellbeing and make the time to think clearly, allowing space for creativity to occur.

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