TikTok Tag

Post-it® Brand by 3M is demonstrating the sticking power of their Post-it® Super Sticky Notes by creating a game of virtual tag on TikTok. Post-it® Super Sticky Notes have 2x the sticking power compared to an ordinary sticky note and can stick and re-stick to multiple surfaces.

Dig has leveraged the platform to its full potential, by working with some of Australia’s top TikTok creators to join in the game. Each has shown off their unique skills and talents, from gymnastics, to make-up artistry, to pottery, while continuing the “tag” game seamlessly through clever use of TikTok transitions and the stitch feature. Each film that forms part of this campaign features a stand-out Neon Green Post-it ® Super Sticky Note stating “You’re it!”.

In just one week of the organic films being live they saw over half a million views combined, generating engagement and talkability. Phase two, commencing this week, sees the 60” branded film feature in high impact TikTok ad placements for the next three weeks, combining all creator films, directing traffic to Officeworks to generate conversions.

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