The Bottle-O

Re-engaging “Brian”

The Bottle-O faced a challenge with their previous one-size-fits-all email marketing approach. The database was largely inactive, content wasn’t personalised and subscribers were due to be re-engaged. To re-engage customers and transform their experience with the brand, Dig developed a targeted, personalised digital marketing strategy – including touchpoints such as email, landing pages, paid Digital advertising.

By gathering data on customers’ preferred beverages and lifestyles, we crafted tailored communications for each individual – reviving the database customer engagement and overall satisfaction. Within a year, email engagement doubled and the database growth increased by 13% proving that personalised communications was the key to turning The Bottle-O into a preferred, customer-centric brand.

  • Digital Experience Strategy
  • eCRM
  • Digital Copywriting
  • Design
  • Automation & Development